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    20-Mar-2018 to 22:31

    Libya: Saif Gaddafi outs presidential ambition

    APA-Tripoli (Libya) — Muammar Gaddafi’s second son Saif al-Islam Gaddafi is set to launch his election bid for the Libyan presidency, when his country goes to the polls later this year; local media reports say, quoting a statement by his lawyer on Tuesday.

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    18-Mar-2018 to 16:11

    Mauritania: Iron ore miners end strike

    APA - Nouakchott (Mauritania) — Miners of the Zouerate iron ore and the National Industrial and Mining Company (SNIM) workers in Mauritania on Sunday, signed an agreement ending a four-day-old strike.

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    16-Mar-2018 to 18:39

    Morocco forum as "lab to shape future Africa'

    APA - Casablanca (Morocco) — The founding President of the Crans Montana Forum, Jean Paul Carteron said the meeting of minds holding in the Moroccan city of Dakhla is on the verge of becoming a lab to shape an Africa of the future.

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    15-Mar-2018 to 19:32

    Mauritania: Iron ore industry workers on strike

    APA - Nouakchott (Mauritania) — Work in Zouerate iron ore production plants in northern Mauritania has been suspended after its workers decided to go on strike, a source in the city said Thursday.

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    15-Mar-2018 to 18:37

    Moroccan lawyers abroad to hold Rabat conclave

    APA-Rabat (Morocco) — Moroccan lawyers settled abroad are poised to hold a conclave in Rabat on 17 March with a view to setting up an association which will facilitate ties with their home-based counterparts.

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    09-Mar-2018 to 18:40

    Chad: Gas retailers threaten backlash over slashed prices

    APA-N’Djamena (Chad) — The cutting of the prices of domestic gas cylinder by the authorities in Chad has left disgruntled retailers threatening to shut down their businesses if the decision is not reversed.

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    07-Mar-2018 to 18:36

    Bustards reintroduced to Mauritania

    APA-Nouakchott (Mauritania) — Hundreds of bustards or Canadian goose have been reintroduced to Mauritania’s northern region of Tiris Zemmour where their population had dwindled due to drought and over-hunting.

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