26-Jan-2015 to 14:56

Gambia Islamic Council describes Ahmadiyaa sect as \'\'non Muslim\'\'

APA-Banjul (The Gambia) — The Gambia Supreme Islamic Council (GSIC) has ultimately ruled against the Ahmadiyaa, a Muslim sect operating in the country, saying it is outside the pale of Islam.

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23-Jan-2015 to 10:10

Pope Francis sends solidarity message to Malawi flood victims

APA-Lilongwe (Malawi) — Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has expressed his closeness and solidarity to people who have been affected by the floods due to heavy rains in Malawi.

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21-Jan-2015 to 11:18

Pope Francis likely to visit Uganda before end of 2015

APA - Kampala (Uganda) — The Catholic Church in Uganda is bracing for a yet to be confirmed papal visit to the country, APA learns here Wednesday.

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20-Jan-2015 to 09:17

Charli Hebdo: Botswana calls for respect of religious beliefs

APA-Gaborone (Botswana) — Botswana said Tuesday that while it would never condone the actions of those who kill in the name of God, it strongly condemns the deliberate provocation by the media and other sectors of society that is likely to cause offense to the religious beliefs of others.

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19-Jan-2015 to 11:01

Greek Orthodox Church honours \"Lion\" Zuma in Pretoria

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — South African President Jacob Zuma has been honoured with the Order of the Lion of St Mark by His Beatitude Theodoris II, who is the Head of the Greek Orthodox Church, the Pope and Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church of Alexandria (Egypt) and All Africa, The Presidency has said.

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18-Jan-2015 to 10:30

Somalis stage anti-magazine demo in Mogadishu

APA-Mogadishu (Somalia) — Thousands of Somalis took to the streets of the capital Mogadishu to protest last week’s printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed by French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

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16-Jan-2015 to 21:12

Protesters besiege French embassy in Khartoum

APA-Khartoum (Sudan) — Angry protesters in the Sudanese capital Khartoum briefly surrounded the French Embassy during demonstrations on Friday against a satirical magazine in Paris which printed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

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