08-Jan-2015 to 06:03

Belgium denies canceling aid to Rwanda

APA-Kigali (Rwanda) — The Belgian Foreign Affairs minister, Didier Reynders has rubbished claims that his country was witholding €40 million in aid to Rwanda, saying relations between Brussels and Kigali have never been stronger.

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07-Jan-2015 to 20:45

Rwanda: District mayor arrested over corruption

APA- Kigali (Rwanda) — The Rwandan government has ordered the arrest of a district mayor on suspicion of involvement in a corruption scandal, official sources confirmed on Wednesday.

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03-Jan-2015 to 13:36

Rwanda: Int'l community calls for action against FDLR as ultimatum expires

APA-Arusha (Tanzania) — The international community has called for action against the Rwandan Hutu rebels known as the FDLR as a six-month ultimatum for the rebels to surrender set by regional leaders expires, reports said on Saturday.

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01-Jan-2015 to 12:20

Rwanda defends Palestinian position

APA-Kigali-(Rwanda) — Rwanda chose to abstain from playing a role on the future of Palestine during the United Nations Security Council on New Year’s Eve, a position that Kagame’s government has vehemently defended after being criticized for “siding with Israel”.

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19-Dec-2014 to 09:49

ECA boss praises Rwanda for “sailing through stormy weather” to attain transform...

APA-Kigali, (Rwanda)- — The Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has said that countries that show resilience in transforming their economies cannot wait for “favourable winds”.

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28-Nov-2014 to 16:08

Rwanda: New Catholic bishop named

APA-Arusha (Tanzania) — Pope Francois has named Bishop Celestin Hazikimana as the new bishop for the Catholic diocese of Gikongoro in Southern Rwanda, the country’s press agency reported.

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28-Nov-2014 to 02:11

Rwanda’s third bond oversubscribed by 187 percent

APA-Kigali-(Rwanda) — Rwanda’s Ministry of Finance has announced that the third Treasure Bond issued this year has been oversubscribed by 187 percent, indicating the public’s continued appetite for government paper.

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