17-Feb-2020 to 10:22

Life expectancy of Rwanda increases to 67.8 in 2020 - Official

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — The average life expectancy for Rwandans rose by almost three years from 64.5 years in 2012 to 67.8 years in 2020, according to figures obtained Monday from the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda.

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17-Feb-2020 to 09:17

Detained Rwandan musician: Death by suicide?

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — The Rwandan gospel musician, Kizito Mihigo who was arrested last week while attempting to leave the country has died in detention after apparently committing suicide in his police cell.

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14-Feb-2020 to 19:20

Rwanda, Uganda in prisoner exchange deal

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — Rwanda and Uganda on Friday agreed to start releasing each other's detained nationals at the opening of the third round of ministerial talks that opened in Kigali to improve strained relations.

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14-Feb-2020 to 19:02

Famous Rwandan musician caught 'fleeing'

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — Rwandan musician Kizito Mihigo, who became famous for his gospel songs is currently in custody after he was arrested earlier this week while allegedly attempting to flee the country, a police source claimed on Friday.

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12-Feb-2020 to 15:29

Taming Rwanda's killer floods with catchment scheme

APA-Kigali (Rwanda) — A few weeks after about 6,000 residents from areas submerged by dangerous floods due to heavy rains were relocated elsewhere in Kigali, the city’s municipal authorities are looking at a new scheme to tame the overflowing of a nearby river after recent floods.

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11-Feb-2020 to 23:38

Rwanda poised to fend off locust invasion

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — The Deputy Director General of the Rwanda Agriculture Board (RAB), Charles Bucagu on Tuesday said the country was getting ready to tackle the imminent threat of an invasion by desert locusts from Uganda, as the outbreak slowly impacts East Africa's food insecurity.

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11-Feb-2020 to 11:44

Rwanda dismisses 47 judges over corruption

APA - Kigali (Rwanda) — In a major crackdown on judiciary in Rwanda, 47 judges have been dismissed between 2005 and 2019 in Rwanda, the country's President of the Supreme Court revealed in a document obtained by APA Tuesday in Kigali.

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