28-Oct-2022 to 15:18

Burkina angst as jihadists free common criminals

APA-Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) — There are fears that Djibo, a city in Burkina Faso could witness a resurgence of violence after the release of scores of common prisoners by jihadists affiliated to Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb.

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28-Oct-2022 to 11:11

S/Africa verifying terror attack info

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — President Cyril Ramaphosa said his government was “working around the clock to verify and look closely at the message that came from the United States” on an imminent terrorist attack on South African soil.

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28-Oct-2022 to 10:05

Mali since March: Some 1,000 civilians die in insurgency

APA - Bamako (Mali) — In Mali, civilians lack the necessary protection against the abuses of jihadist groups, reports said on Friday.

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27-Oct-2022 to 10:48

Russia's Wagner mercenaries 'not needed' in Burkina

APA - Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) — The Burkinabe army is spearheading a campaign of mass mobilization against recurrent spasms of jihadist violence, recruiting 3,000 rank and file infantrymen and 50,000 civilian volunteers.

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27-Oct-2022 to 06:18

US warns of planned terror attack in Jo'burg

APA-Johannesburg (South Africa) — The United States embassy has warned of a possible terror attack in South Africa’s Johannesburg area this weekend and asked its citizens to avoid areas with large groups of people.

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26-Oct-2022 to 20:58

Ethiopia: TPLF fighters advised to move to liberated areas

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) — The Ethiopian Defense Force on Wednesday made calls to rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) troops who would like to escape from TPLF’s captivity and move to liberated areas that are under the control of the Ethiopian forces.

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26-Oct-2022 to 17:07

Burkina’s PM outlines priorities

APA - Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) — The government of prime minister Apollinaire Kyelem de Tambéla has made the fight against terrorism its main priority, according to junta head Captain Ibrahim Traore.

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