16-Jan-2020 to 19:37

African football suffers hammer blow as AFCON to hold in winter

APA-Dakar (Senegal) — The Confederation of African Football (CAF), with its rescheduling of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in January-February, is exposing its inconsistencies and risks tarnishing the brilliance of its stars on the European stage where the best club competitions are held.

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15-Jan-2020 to 16:42

No pride in Pau Summit on Sahel - Observer

APA - Dakar (Senegal) — Journalist, influential civil rights activist and keen observer of current events in the Sahel, Moussa Tchangari, the Secretary General of the Nigerien association dubbed Alternative, gives to APA, a bird's-eye view of Monday's summit in Pau, France, which brought together the French president and his peers of the G5 Sahel countries.

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15-Jan-2020 to 14:47

Senegal launches ‘Sangomar’ oil field development project

APA - Dakar (Senegal) — Phase 1 of the Sangomar oil field development project (100 km off the coast of Dakar) was officially launched Tuesday evening in Dakar, with the signing of the Host State Agreement and that of the final investment decision by the partners in this joint venture.

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14-Jan-2020 to 14:26

2019, a chastening year for Sahel armies

APA - Dakar (Senegal) — Armies of the G5 Sahel nations, whose leaders met on Monday and Tuesday in Pau south-west of France have had a chastening past, incurring heavy casualties from attacks since the beginning of 2019.

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14-Jan-2020 to 13:26

France summons Sahel countries’ leaders

APA - Dakar (Senegal) — Annoyed by the rise of anti-French sentiment in the countries of the Sahel, French President, Emmanuel Macron had announced, on December 4, a meeting in the city of Pau with his Sahel counterparts to “clarify” their position as for the French military presence in the region.

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13-Jan-2020 to 20:43

Senegal's ambitious housing scheme

APA-Dakar (Senegal) — To address the housing deficit in Senegal, the government has set up what it called a flagship scheme.

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13-Jan-2020 to 19:58

African housing: Morocco champions experience sharing among nations

APA-Dakar (Senegal) — Moroccan Minister, Nouzha Bouchareb has claimed that sharing experiences can save African countries time in the drive to plug the housing deficit on the continent.

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