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    26-Aug-2018 to 12:00

    South Sudan re-launches oil production

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — South Sudan has re-launched oil production at its Toma South block in the northwest of the country following multiple interruptions thanks to a five-year civil strife.

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    10-Aug-2018 to 17:31

    South Sudan blanket amnesty for all armed opposition

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — President Salva Kiir has issued a blanket amnesty to all armed opposition in South Sudan including the rebel movement led by his long-time rival Riek Machar.

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    28-Jul-2018 to 13:54

    South Sudan's deputy Finance minister axed

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — President Salva Kiir has sacked South Sudan’s deputy Finance minister, Athian Diing Athian, as the country struggles to revive its battered economy.

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    27-Jul-2018 to 16:19

    Basketball: MTN peace tourney kicks off in Juba

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — The 2018 MTN basketball tournament for peace kicks off in the South Sudanese capital Juba on Friday with eight teams taking part.

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    27-Jul-2018 to 15:57

    Juba and Total oil negotiation stalls

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — The government of South Sudan has said its negotiations with French oil giant Total have reached a deadlock.

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    26-Jul-2018 to 16:49

    South Sudan: 'Peace train could leave non-signatories behind’

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — South Sudanese government has warned that the so-called peace train could proceed without opposition stakeholders who still refuse to sign up on the cessation of hostilities deal.

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    25-Jul-2018 to 19:32

    South Sudan: Lawmakers get $18 million bonus

    APA-Juba (South Sudan) — A bonus totaling $18 million has been paid to South Sudanese lawmakers, this week, coming two weeks after they voted to extend President Salva Kiir’s term in office until 2021.

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