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02-Jun-2020 to 14:19

S/Africa’s ruling party wades into George Floyd saga

APA-Johannesburg (South Africa) — South Africa’s ruling African National Congress on Tuesday blasted the United States government for the callous treatment of black people who gave 400 years of their lives in forced slave labour to enrich that country to its current leading economic status.

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02-Jun-2020 to 14:04

Zimbabwe tightens COVID-19 lockdown

APA-Harare (Zimbabwe) — Zimbabwe’s security forces tightened controls at checkpoints around the capital Harare on Tuesday amid a surge in coronavirus cases.

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01-Jun-2020 to 23:41

S/Africa: Fleeing journalist to be brought back from Lesotho - Ramaphosa

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday assured editors in South Africa that he would ensure the safe return of journalist Paul Nthoba who fled to Lesotho last month after police allegedly assaulted him for several days.

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01-Jun-2020 to 15:02

S/Africans return to work as gov’t further eases lockdown regulations

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — Eight million South Africans flocked to their workplaces as the country partially reopened its economy after a two-month coronavirus lockdown eased to Level 3 of restrictions on Monday.

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01-Jun-2020 to 12:39

Ramaphosa congratulates S/African Elon Musk for historic flight

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — South African citizen Elon Musk on Monday earned praise from President Cyril Ramaphosa for his company SpaceX’s historic first commercial flight into space to deliver American astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) at the weekend.

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01-Jun-2020 to 02:35

Media a key partner in COVID-19 fight – Ramaphosa

APA-Pretoria (South Africa) — South Africa’s media has played a “pivotal role” in disseminating coronavirus pandemic messages to the public since the first case was reported in March, President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Sunday.

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01-Jun-2020 to 02:24

Official’s comments spark row between Zimbabwe and US

APA-Harare (Zimbabwe) — A diplomatic row has erupted between Zimbabwe and the United States after a senior White House official labelled Harare one of “foreign adversaries” trying to take advantage of ongoing anti-racist protests to stoke up tensions in the US.

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