08-Aug-2020 to 12:40

eSwatini gov’t, civil servants reach cost of living review pact

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — The eSwatini government has reached an agreement with public sector associations (PSAs) to implement a three percent cost of living adjustment that will be backdated to April 1, a senior official announced on Saturday.

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07-Aug-2020 to 11:28

eSwatini teachers up in arms over schools reopening

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — Teachers in eSwatini are up in arms against a government decision to embark on a phased reopening of schools despite the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has so far claimed 55 lives in the country.

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18-Jul-2020 to 12:36

COVID-19: eSwatini suspends scholarships for foreign studies

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — The eSwatini government has suspended scholarships for local students wishing to study abroad due to the "uncertain situation" triggered by the coronavirus pandemic, a senior official said on Saturday.

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16-Jun-2020 to 13:24

eSwatini journalist honoured for COVID-19 work

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — An eSwatini journalist forced to flee the country after criticising the handling of the coronavirus pandemic by King Mswati III’s government has been honoured for his work in exposing shortcomings of the southern African country’s response to the global crisis.

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11-Jun-2020 to 16:11

eSwatini delays school reopening as COVID-19 cases soar

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — The government of eSwatini on Thursday pushed backwards by a week the planned phased reopening of schools as coronavirus cases soared in the country.

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25-May-2020 to 07:23

eSwatini: Herbalists seek WHO endorsement for COVID-19 concoctions

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — The World Health Organisation says it has been inundated with requests by traditional healers and herbalists for testing of medical concoctions they believe are capable of treating coronavirus.

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08-May-2020 to 08:38

eSwatini agency launches disaster relief mobile app

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — eSwatini’s National Disaster Management Agency on Friday launched a mobile application that enables Swatis to track relatives and friends in disaster zones and display World Health Organisation statistics on the ongoing coronavirus.

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