16-Mar-2020 to 09:38

Coronavirus: eSwatini bans prison visits

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — eSwatini has banned relatives of inmates from paying them visits at the country’s 13 prisons as a measure to protect the prisoners from exposure to coronavirus.

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14-Mar-2020 to 18:10

eSwatini builds Coronavirus testing laboratory

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — eSwatini government has forked out US$1.93 million towards the construction of a laboratory to test for Coronavirus, reports said on Saturday.

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14-Mar-2020 to 00:06

First confirmed COVID -19 case in eSwatini

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — eSwatini has a confirmed case of Coronavirus Infectious Disease (COVID-19) involving a 33-year-old woman who returned from the United States.

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13-Mar-2020 to 19:55

eSwatini's flagship festival cancelled due to COVID-19

APA-Mbabane (Eswatini) — This year’s MTN Bushfire Festival in eSwatini has been cancelled by the organizers as a precaution to minimize the spread of coronavirus which is now a global pandemic.

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11-Mar-2020 to 17:40

eSwatini quarantines two suspected Covid-19 cases

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — The Health ministry of eSwatini has socially isolated two women aged 38 and 39 pending the outcome of laboratory results to determine whether they have contracted the coronavirus.

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27-Feb-2020 to 05:46

eSwatini health inspectors confiscate condemned pilchards

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — Health inspectors in eSwatini on Wednesday removed all canned pilchards from shops after the product was condemned by South African authorities over packaging defects at the manufacturing plant in the same country.

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18-Feb-2020 to 16:52

eSwatini’s SACU receipts to rise by 32.5%

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini) — eSwatini's share of Southern African Customs Union (SACU) receipts is expected to rise by 32.5 percent during the 2020/21 financial year, Finance Minister Neal Rijkenberg announced on Tuesday.

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