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    09-Oct-2017 to 13:53

    South Africa wins 1st place in Fishing World Championship

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — South Africa won the Fishing Black Bass World Championship held in in the country over the weekend, with the defending champions Portugal finishing at 11th position.

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    09-Oct-2017 to 12:52

    Swaziland decreases maize import from S/Africa

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — Swaziland has decreased the maximum amount of maize meal that individuals can purchase from South Africa from 100 kilograms to 20 kilograms per household, APA learns here on Monday.

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    05-Oct-2017 to 19:08

    Fuel prices go up in Swaziland

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — Fuel prices in Swaziland are set to increase by 2.5 percent midnight on Thursday.

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    04-Oct-2017 to 14:02

    Swaziland seeks new markets as EU sugar quota ends

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — Swaziland is searching for new regional markets for its sugar following the end of a quota system that limited production by European Union countries for the past 50 years, an official said on Wednesday.

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    04-Oct-2017 to 11:36

    Swazi gov’t launches $12.5m infrastructure bond

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — The Central Bank of Swaziland (CBS) announced on Wednesday the launch of an eight-year government infrastructure bond to the tune of $12.5 million.

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    29-Sep-2017 to 14:53

    Swazi gov’t sets up fund-raising team for 50th anniversary celebrations

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — The government of Swaziland has appointed a 13-member committee to mobilise funding for the country’s upcoming Golden Anniversary to be held in September 2018.

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    26-Sep-2017 to 17:09

    Swaziland: Ugandan businessman faces ten-year jail term for fraud

    APA-Mbabane (Swaziland) — A Ugandan businessman faces a ten-year jail term or a fine of $20 830 for allegedly fleecing 40 Swazis of $13 300 after convincing them to pay for bursaries.

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