02-Sep-2022 to 16:57

Chadian national dialogue has African stakes (analyst)

APA - N'Djamena (Chad) — An expert on the geopolitics of the Sahel and Africa, Nigerian journalist Seidik Abba analysed for APA the stakes of the Chadian national dialogue launched on August 20 but temporarily suspended due to some disagreements.

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27-Aug-2022 to 19:58

Chad floods displace over 300, 000 people

APA - NDjamena (Chad) — Torrential rainfall has triggered unprecedented flooding in Chad, affecting more than 340,000 people living in 55,000 households.

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11-Aug-2022 to 18:11

Chad leader urges FACT and Co. to dialogue

APA-N’Djamena (Chad) — The president of the transition has called on “politico-military groups, still sceptical, to reconsider their position” on the inclusive national dialogue.

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17-May-2022 to 12:59

G5 Sahel: EU rues Mali withdrawal

APA - Dakar (Senegal) By Abdou Cisse - — Mali’s decision to withdraw from the G5 Sahel has caused a reaction from the European Union (EU).

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16-May-2022 to 11:25

Chad: “Nothing will be the same again”

APA - Ndjamena (Chad) — Beyond the attack on symbols of the French presence, a “desperate” youth expressed itself Saturday in Ndjamena, according to Professor Zakaria Ousman Ramadan, President of the Chadian Center for Strategic Studies and Prospective Research.

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03-May-2022 to 22:22

Chad: inclusive national dialogue postponed

APA-N'Djamena (Chad) — Initially scheduled for May 10, the inclusive national dialogue in Chad has been postponed to a “later” date, reports said on Tuesday. .

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20-Apr-2022 to 11:26

What future holds for Chad, a year after Idriss Deby’s death?

APA-N'Djamena (Chad) — Zakaria Ousman Ramadan, director of the Chadian center for strategic studies, analyses for Apa news the state of Chad, one year after the death of President Idriss Déby Itno.

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