29-Apr-2019 to 14:46

Twelve freed after Chad gas demo arrests

APA-N'Djaména (Chad) By Adam Hassane Deyé — Twelve of the thirteen protesters arrested in N’Djamena for defying a ban on demonstrations against Chad's protracted gas shortage have been freed,APA can report from a judicial source on Monday.

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26-Apr-2019 to 16:47

Chad: The street amazons defying a protest ban

APA-N’Djamena (Chad) By Adam Hassane Deye — The 13 people arrested during a proscribed march over the shortage of gas in Chad were Friday paraded at a court in the capital N'Djamena for a hearing that was eventually cancelled but two women stole the limelight from the drama.

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25-Apr-2019 to 01:16

Chad’s police arrests ten people over protests

APA- N'Djaména (Chad) — Chadian police has on Thursday confirmed the arrest of dozen of people planning to protest against gas shortage.

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24-Apr-2019 to 12:46

Chad sets free Equatorial Guinea politician

APA-N’Djaména (Chad) — Equatorial Guinea’s politician from the opposition, Andres Esono Ondo, who was detained in N’Djamena for several days, has left Chad on Wednesday, police sources told APA.

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11-Apr-2019 to 18:53

Sub-Saharan bloc set for renaissance

APA-N'Djaména (Chad) By Adam Hassane Deyé — The Community of Sahel-Saharan States (CEN-SAD) is set to hold an extraordinary summit in N'Djamena on Saturday to revive its activities, APA learned Thursday at the opening of a meeting of experts to prepare for the Council of Ministers meeting.

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10-Apr-2019 to 12:19

Chad: Police investigates tragic death of priest

APA-N'Djaména (Chad) — Chadian police has opened an investigation to the death of a priest who was found dead on his bed on Wednesday.

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28-Mar-2019 to 13:23

Chad opposition threatens poll process boycott

APA-N'Djaména (Chad) — The New Opposition Front for Change (FONAC), the main coalition of the Chadian opposition, on Thursday in a statement, threatened to boycott the electoral process if its demands are not taken into account.

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