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    12-Apr-2018 to 18:20

    Togolese minister urges calm amidst unrest

    APA-Lomé (Togo) — The authorities in Togo are calling for calm after a day of wildcat protest by the opposition on Wednesday.

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    03-Apr-2018 to 18:58

    Togolese strikers demand Health minister’s resignation

    APA-Lome (Togo) — Striking Togolese medical practitioners who gathered in front of the Health ministry in Lome on Tuesday have demanded the resignation of the minister, Moustapha Midjiawa.

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    28-Mar-2018 to 17:53

    Togo: Workers' syndicate abandons ‘silent march’

    APA-Lome (Togo) — The Workers' Synergy of Togo (STT) has issued a statement on Wednesday, abandoning a “silent march” which was scheduled for Saturday.

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    25-Mar-2018 to 16:01

    Togo: Mediator calls for consensus to fix political crisis

    APA-Lome (Togo) — Ghana's President Nana Akufo-Addo, the ECOWAS-appointed mediator and facilitator of the ongoing political dialogue in Togo, has called on the government and opposition to "take into consideration the best interest of the nation in order to reach a consensus".

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    21-Mar-2018 to 19:41

    Togo's detained opposition trio freed

    APA-Lome (Togo) — The three leaders of the opposition National Pan-African Party (PNP) in Togo, who were arrested in late last year have been freed, their lawyers confirmed to APA on Wednesday.

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    17-Mar-2018 to 15:51

    Togo unionists poised for week-long strike

    APA-Lome (Togo) — The Workers' Synergy, a unionist syndicate in Togo has announced a week-long strike beginning next Monday for the release of workers detained by the government.

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    28-Feb-2018 to 17:00

    Togo creates new Water ministry

    APA-Lome (Togo) — The Togolese government has created a new ministry of Hydraulics, Sanitation and Water Access in Rural Areas by way of a decree seen by APA on Wednesday.

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