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    24-Oct-2017 to 08:54

    Togo unrest prompts cancellation of Francophone ministerial conference

    APA Lomé (Togo) — The 34th session of the Ministerial Conference of the Francophonie (CMF) scheduled from November 25 to 26, 2017 in Lomé, Togo has been postponed to a later date, official sources have announced.

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    18-Oct-2017 to 18:49

    Running battles in Togo as police clash with protesters

    APA-Lome (Togo) — Anti-riot police in Togo have clashed with opposition protesters in some districts of the capital Lome as more demonstrations are held against President Faure Gnassingbe .

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    17-Oct-2017 to 14:13

    Three including two soldiers killed in violence in Togo

    APA-Lomé (Togo) — As the crisis in Togo continues, three people were killed during violent demonstrations in Sokodé a town 300 km north from the Togolese capital Lomé, following the arrest of an imam who is also an adviser to the opposition Pan-African National Party (PNP), official sources have told APA.

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    06-Oct-2017 to 17:37

    Togo: International Community wants referendum on draft constitutional law

    APA-Lome (Togo) — The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the African Union (AU) and the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) have called on the government in Togo to set a date for the organization of the referendum on the draft constitutional law.

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    12-Sep-2017 to 14:05

    Africa-Israel Summit postponed indefinitely - Official

    APA-Lome (Togo) — The first-ever Africa-Israel Summit scheduled to be held in late October 2017 in Lome, Togo, has been postponed indefinitely, the Togolese presidency said in a statement, further announcing that the decision was taken in consultation with Tel Aviv.

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    06-Sep-2017 to 19:27

    Togo: Thousands protest to press for political reforms

    APA-Lome (Togo) — Several thousand Togolese have taken to the streets of Lome, and several cities in the country to demand political reforms, APA can report.

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    06-Sep-2017 to 19:10

    Togo to limit presidential term of office to two

    APA-Lomé (Togo) — The Togolese government has adopted a draft bill that limits the presidential term of office to two, as well as the system of a second-round ballot, the Cabinet said Wednesday in a statement.

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