06-Sep-2017 to 19:27

Togo: Thousands protest to press for political reforms

APA-Lome (Togo) — Several thousand Togolese have taken to the streets of Lome, and several cities in the country to demand political reforms, APA can report.

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06-Sep-2017 to 19:10

Togo to limit presidential term of office to two

APA-Lomé (Togo) — The Togolese government has adopted a draft bill that limits the presidential term of office to two, as well as the system of a second-round ballot, the Cabinet said Wednesday in a statement.

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29-Aug-2017 to 17:54

Togo’s ruling party stages mass demo in Lome

APA-Lome (Togo) — Thousands of supporters of the ruling Union for the Republic (UNIR) in Togo took to the streets of Lome in support of President Faure Gnassingbe, and to renew their “commitment to the institutions of the Republic with a view to fully implement the political and institutional reforms in a comprehensive and consensual manner,” APA can report.

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20-Aug-2017 to 15:44

Two killed in Togo protests

APA - Lomé (Togo) — The Togolese opposition protest that ended on Saturday has left two civilians dead and twenty-seven police officers injured, said Teko Kudouwovo, the Inspector General of the National Police.

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09-Aug-2017 to 17:56

Togo bags US's AGOA trade visa

APA-Lome (Togo) — Togo has obtained a textile and clothing visa under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) of the United States, a senior American official announced on Wednesday.

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03-Jul-2017 to 11:20

Togo: CSOs condemn ban on political rallies in northern city of Kara

APA-Lome (Togo) — Fourteen Togolese civil society organizations (CSOs) on Monday decried the banning of political demonstrations in the town of Kara in the North of the country.

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23-Jun-2017 to 19:16

Togo marks end to Ramadan, Sunday

APA-Lomé (Togo) — The feast marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan or Aid el-Fitr will be celebrated in Togo next Sunday, the country’s Muslim Union (UMT) told APA on Friday.

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