14-Sep-2022 to 10:34

Tunisia to host first Africa and Middle East digital health conference

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) — The Tunisian Association for Heath promotion, in partnership with the World Health Organisation, are hosting the Africa and Middle East Digital Health Conference and Exhibition (AMDHC) in Tunisia from Thursday 22nd to Saturday 24th September, a statement said on Wednesday.

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26-Jul-2022 to 22:20

Tunisia's referendum: Only 27.5% of voters turned out to vote

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) — The turnout at the closing of polling stations, as part of the referendum on the new Constitution in Tunisia was 27.54%, the Independent Superior Electoral Authority (ISIE) annouced.

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25-Jul-2022 to 17:23

Tunisia holds referendum on new draft constitution

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) — The draft constitution dismissed by the Tunisian opposition as bogus which is being put to a referendum establishes an ultra-presidential regime granting vast powers to the head of state.

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27-Apr-2022 to 12:59

Tunisian president urged to cancel July referendum

APA - Tunis (Tunisia) — The Tunisian NGO ‘I Watch’ on Tuesday, called the President of the Republic, Kais Saied, to “cancel the referendum scheduled for July 25, especially since to date, the composition of the committee responsible for developing draft amendments related to political reforms has not been disclosed.”

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13-Oct-2021 to 13:18

Francophone Summit postponed again

APA - Tunis (Tunisia) — Member states of the International Francophone Organization (OIF) have found a “consensus” on a one-year postponement of their summit in Djerba, Tunisia.

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12-Oct-2021 to 12:06

Tunisia forms new government

APA-Tunis (Tunisia) — Tunisia has formed a new government of 24 ministers and a secretary of state, including 8 women.

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30-Sep-2021 to 09:21

The unknown academic who is Tunisia’s new PM

APA-Dakar (Senegal) — The unknown academic who is to form Tunisia's next government and deal with national emergencies such as the economy and finance was how journalist Frida Dahmani described the man who would be the country's next prime minister.

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