09-Nov-2021 to 06:36

AU presents observer mission final report on Zambian elections

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — Former Sierra Leonean president Ernest Koroma has presented to President Hakainde Hichilema the final report of the African Union election observer mission into Zambia’s general elections held in August.

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05-Oct-2021 to 06:09

IMF urges ‘urgent steps’ to restore Zambia’s fiscal, debt stability

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — Zambia’s new government should urgently take steps to restore fiscal and debt stability in the face of the difficult macroeconomic challenges facing the country, the International Monetary Fund said on Monday.

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20-Sep-2021 to 10:58

New Zambian leader praised for shunning large entourage

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — Zambia's new president Hakainde Hichilema has been praised for apparently shunning opulence when he traveled to New York with a "modest-looking" entourage for the UN General Assembly, APA learnt on Monday.

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30-Aug-2021 to 08:34

Zambia’s new leader dismisses army, police chiefs

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — President Hakainde Hichilema has appointed new heads of the Zambian Defence Force and the police, days after he took office following a landslide victory in this month’s general elections.

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24-Aug-2021 to 12:21

New Zambian leader pledges economic, political reforms

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — Newly inaugurated President Hakainde Hichilema has promised to revive Zambia’s economy and rid the country of corruption.

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24-Aug-2021 to 10:35

Hichilema sworn-in as new Zambian president

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — Newly elected Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema took the oath of office before thousands of cheering supporters during a ceremony witnessed by several African leaders in Lusaka on Tuesday.

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19-Aug-2021 to 09:53

Zambia’s incoming gov’t to pardon repentant state plunderers - Report

APA-Lusaka (Zambia) — Zambia’s incoming government will give all officials accused of plundering state coffers an amnesty to return their ill-gotten wealth, state media reported on Thursday.

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