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    Tanzania and Mozambique ink MoU on security cooperation

    APA- Dar es Salaam-Tanzania

    Tanzanian and Mozambican police forces have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at building cooperation to curb terrorism, drugs trafficking and other cross-border crimes in East Africa and neighbouring countries.

    This was announced by Tanzania’s Inspector General of Police (IGP) Simon Sirro, who said the Inspectors General of Police (IGPs) from Tanzania and Mozambique, Simon Sirro and Bernardino Rafael, have signed the document in Dar es Salaam at the Ministry of Home Affairs office.
    “This will provide for an exchange of intelligence information to safeguard the interest of both parties,” said IGP Sirro.
    He said that this comes after operations carried out by the Tanzanian police force in the country’s Coast Region and some parts of Mtwara Region, prompted by indiscriminate killings, after which some perpetrators had crossed over to neigbouring Mozambique.
    There is a need to work with the country’s counterparts from Mozambique to deal with such criminals, he added.
    “Wherever they hide, whether in Rwanda, Congo, Burundi and Mozambique, they will not be safe, you are not safe…. we are working together and we share intelligence information.” he declared.
    IGP Bernardino Rafael thanked the Tanzanian government and people for signing the MoU which, he said, aims at enabling the two sides to fight cross-border crime, terrorism and extremism.


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