Togo vows to crush robbers of bank clients

APA-Lomé (Togo) By Nephthali Messanh Ledy

Togo’s Security Minister, Gal Yark Damehame has expressed concern about the frequent attacks on bank clients, prompting the state to hold talks with finance houses in the country in a bid to ensure the safety and security of those who go there for transactions.

“We have already met with the banks and asked them to collaborate. They must call our services to accompany clients who come to receive large amounts of money,” Gal Yark Damehame said in Lomé.


Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, the minister advised “those who receive large amounts of money from banks to be accompanied by law enforcers.”


At least six people are attacked monthly and robbed of their money, while leaving banks, Mr. Damehane complained, pointing out that at this rate there have been a total of 45 cases of aggression that allowed criminals to flee with CFA 142 million.


According to him, the perpetrators are former prisoners, freshly released from jail, and operate using unregistered or foreign registered motorcycles.


The last two attacks took place last week and incurred a CFA19 million loss to their victims.



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