Togolese opposition pull out of electoral body

APA-Lomé (Togo)

Togo’s opposition New Togolese Commitment (NET) has announced it is withdrawing its representative from the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI).

This came a few hours after a meeting by ECOWAS officials who recommended a re-composition of the electoral body.

 “Beyond the questionable character of this re-composition, which violates articles 12, 14 and 19 of the electoral code of our country, the NET takes note of this decision and will not contest it. For the best interests of the Togolese nation, our party believes that the Togolese people expect more from their political leaders than quarrels over CENI seats,” the party told a press conference.

“During the eleven months we represented the opposition in this institution, we have endeavored to ensure respect for democratic norms and standards, and we will congratulate, when the time comes, all our collaborators and activists who, at the CENI, have done a remarkable work that will benefit those who will be appointed by the parliamentary opposition to continue the work,” NET added.

The party's decision came just hours after the monitoring committee announced an equitable distribution of seats between the ruling UNIR and the coalition of 14 opposition parties.

Led by Gerry Taama, the leader of the Group of Centrists, NET congratulates the ECOWAS Follow-up Committee for the significant progress made at the meeting.

"A comprehensive CENI and a consensual timeline by the key players therefore open the door to a credible, transparent and universally acceptable electoral process in which the party will participate,” NET indicates.

Two weeks ago, NET in a press release called for a national surge.

In addition, it called on the population to "massively take to the streets” during the electoral census that will be launched on 1st October 2018.


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