Togolese strikers demand Health minister’s resignation

APA-Lome (Togo)

Striking Togolese medical practitioners who gathered in front of the Health ministry in Lome on Tuesday have demanded the resignation of the minister, Moustapha Midjiawa.

Since February members of the National Union of Health Workers of Togo (SYNPHOT) have been on strike in the country’s public health sector.

“Step down Midjiawa,” was the main refrain as they stood in front of the ministry.

Following talks with unionists, Midjiawa announced the creation of a body to prepare a report by April 20, 2018 after negotiations on the issues raised by the strikers.

After the protest, the strikers returned to their base to decide their next step.

The Health minister has occupied the post since 2015.

For months SYNPHOT has been demanding the construction of a health infrastructure, replenishment of existing facilities and introduce social protection for medical workers.


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