Togo’s ANC takes legal action for ‘assassination attempt’

APA-Lomé (Togo)

The National Alliance for Change (ANC) in Togo of Jean-Pierre Fabre has initiates legal proceedings to prosecute the perpetrators and sponsors of a reported “assassination attempt” on its leaders on December 28, 2017, sources have informed APA.

A statement signed by Isabelle Ameganvi, vice-president of the ANC and the second political force of Togo, stated that “these actions fall within the framework of the repression” of the march organized late December last year by the coalition of the 14 opposition political parties.

The political demonstration “was savagely repressed by the defence and security forces who fired on the vehicle of the opposition leader, President Jean-Pierre Fabre,” the party said.

“It is obvious that the intention of the police was to cause a fatal accident,” the statement added.


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