Uganda electoral commission owns up to poll result error

APA-Kampala (Uganda)

The electoral commission in Uganda has owned up to an error on a form it issued declaring the results of last month's presidential election, APA can report on Thursday.

The EC on Wednesday posted what the results of the elections from several polling station in a desperate bid to disprove what it called fictitious figures which were being spread on social media platforms.

The results in question involve a polling station in Nebbi District in northwest Uganda where although the form had claimed that the overall number of valid votes cast for candidates were 300, the votes tallied had suggested 224.

According to the results on the "problematic form" presidential candidates Patrick Oboi Amuriat had six votes, Joseph Kabuleta, Willy Mayambala and Nobert Mao each had no vote, Nancy Linda Kalembe and John Katumba each had one while Robert Kyagulanyi polled eight.

Mr Gregg Mugisha Muntu and Mr Fred Mwesigye got four votes each, Tumukunde Henry Kakurugu, two and President Yoweri Museveni 198.

The EC had earlier advised Ugandans to disregard the results being spread on social media, describing them as doctored only to produce an alternative set of poll results which it later admitted were erroneous. 

EC spokesperson, Mr Paul Bukenya said “the course of action is to look at it and question it and go backwards and see what happened. Someone posted a fake form. The form we issued to the presidential candidates has eight but the total has an error. We have to find out if they were panicking, rushing or just an error or it was deliberate”.

The error was pointed out by Prof Nic Cheeseman who questioned the EC's computation, mocking it as hilariously shocking.


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