Uganda: Renown Zimbabwean mufti Menk preaches peace

APA-Kampala (Uganda)

The Mufti of Zimbabwe Sheikh Ismail Menk has urged Muslims in Uganda to strengthen their faith in Islam and do away with anything that is contrary to Islamic teaching like hatred, extremism and involving themselves in Conflicts that damages the image of Islam.

Mufti Menk said this while delivering his Juma Sermon at Gaddafi National Mosque in Kampala today.

He noted that Islam is a religion of peace and unity so muslims should follow this teachings and love one another for the sake of Allah and humanity.

Sheikh Menk said that the tendency of specific individuals using Islam to forester their interests should not be attributed to Islam.

Sheikh Menk is on three day tour in Uganda to preach the message of peace, unity and harmony.

He has urged muslim leaders to take up the responsibility of telling their followers that Islam preaches peace, tolerance and inter faith dialogue so that those who come out to do the contrary are reminded that they are not following Islam but serving their selfish interests.

The renowned motivational and inspirational speaker and Muslim scholar is in Uganda on a three-day visit under his project dubbed “building bridges”.  

The building bridges project is about development, unity and working together, under which Menk travels the world spreading a simple message: “Do good, help others while preparing for the Hereafter”.     

He is scheduled to preside over celebrations to mark 175 years of Islam in Uganda on Sunday Mandela National Stadium, Namboole.


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