UN special envoy condemns attack on Libyan airbase

APA (Tripoli Libya)

The United Nations special representative to Libya, Martin Kobler, has condemned the “unprovoked attack” on the Brak Al Shati airbase south of Libya where more than 70 people were killed.

Kobler said he is outraged by reports of significant numbers of fatalities, including civilians and by reports that summary executions may have taken place.

He stressed that this “vicious attack” must not push into further serious conflict, as there is no military solution to Libya's problem.

It was reported last Thursday that more than 70 Libyan National Army soldiers were killed, when Misratan 13 battalion in alliance with Benghazi Defence Brigade and others, stormed the airbase of Brak Al Shati and killed more than 70 soldiers and civilians, as the mayor of Brak Al Shati reported.

The Libyan National Army headed accused the Misratan battalion and Government of National Accord of violating the truce in the south that had been agreed by general commander of the army, Khalifa Haftar, and head of Presidency Council Faiyz Sarraj, last month in Dubai.

The Presidency Council for the Government of National Accord also condemned the military escalation which led to more blood shed at Brak Al Shati.

The PC headed by Faiyez Sarraj announced that he has suspended his defence minister Mahdi Al Bargathi over the killing of a large number of soldiers in the south.


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