UNICEF urges Nigeria to encourage children to report cases of violence

APA-Abuja (Nigeria)

The United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF) has called on the 36 states and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) to create safe and secure outlets for children to report cases of violence against them.

Mr. Denis Onoise, a Child Protection Specialist with UNICEF, who made the appeal, in Zaria on Monday, said it was important for victims to feel free and safe while reporting such cases.

Onoise spoke in Zaria at the opening of a two-day awareness workshop on the protection of children from violence and exploitation.

He noted that Nigeria has high rate of child abuse, with girls more likely to experience sexual and physical violence while boys suffer from emotional and physical violence.

He said that majority of those who experienced physical, sexual and emotional violence in childhood suffered it on multiple occasions.

Most perpetrators of Violence Against Children (VAC) were not strangers, but people close to the children such as parents, teachers, religious leaders and relatives.

Onoise said that a survey conducted by UNICEF in 2014, showed that Nigeria has high prevalence of VAC, with six out of every 10 children experiencing some form of violence.

He said that the survey was conducted on 4,203 children aged 13-24 with 1,766 females and 2,437 males based on physical violence, sexual violence and emotional violence.

”It is also a big concern that children are raped or pressured to engage in sexual activity.

“Emotional violence is also a big concern as some parents or caregivers ridicule or put down their children or ward; neglecting the child and not showing love and care to a child leads to emotional violence,” he said.


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