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USAID to finance training of 2,500 Senegalese youngsters

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) will finance the vocational training of some 2,500 young Seegalese as part of an educational project called Passerelles.

By Abdourahmane Diallo 

The training, which will rely on the services of FHI 360, an implementing partner of USAID to implement its activities in this field, is intended for young people aged 15 to 19 in southern Senegal, according to a statement from the US embassy to APA on Thursday.

 The Passerelles project offers alternative training courses to young people who have never had access to education in the traditional school system or who dropped out. 

It will be piloted by the NGO Save the Children and the Vocational and Technical Training Fund (3FPT) set up by the Senegalese government. 

Through this public-private partnership between FHI 360, 3FPT and Save the Children, youth will be trained to work in local trades and thriving economic sectors.

This training will result in higher rates of employability for young people who would otherwise not have access to education or opportunity, the statement said.

 To address problems of access to education and school dropout, Passerelles will help young people attending Koranic schools, community schools or accelerated learning classes to acquire basic skills in French and mathematics. 

This allows them to benefit from a basic education before moving on to a more formal school system.



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