Zambian cop commits suicide

APA-Lusaka (Zambia)

A Zambian police officer has shot himself dead in Southern Province, local media reported on Friday.

According to the Lusaka Times, 34-year old Elzier Lubinda of Namwala Police Station used an AK47 to shoot himself on the chin.

The Zambian Police have launched an investigation into the incident, which comes barely days after another cop identified as Jackson Mwanza took his own life as he was pursued over the killing of two people, deaths that were directly linked to him.

Police spokesperson Rae Hamoonga said Constable Lubinda died on the spot after the bullet passed through his right eye during his suicide which happened in the early hours of Friday.

Hamoonga said Lubinda's lifeless body was found lying face-up with the weapon resting on his chest. 


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