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    Zambian foreign minister resigns

    APA-Lusaka (Zambia)

    Zambian Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba has resigned, citing what he termed “swelling levels of corruption” in the administration of President Edgar Lungu.

    In a hard-hitting Facebook post, the 41-year-old minister announced that he had on Tuesday “dropped my resignation letter as Foreign Affairs Minister with President Edgar Lungu” in protest at the “path of insatiable greed and shame” that the country was taking.

    “We cannot proceed to manage national affairs with cold indifference when the levels of corruption are swelling and being perpetrated by those who are expected to be the solution,” Kalaba said.

    In a veiled attack on Lungu’s leadership, Kalaba noted that “it would appear that the poor Zambians have ceased to be the reason we are holding power.”

    “Materialism and the propensity for money has taken over and is arrogantly at the centre of many decisions being made today,” he said.

    Observers suspect the move is an attempt to pressure Lungu, who is considering seeking a third term.

    There is currently a two-term limit in the Zambian constitution.

    “When people begin to feel overwhelmed by fear for speaking the truth, it is time to realize that critical fundamentals have shifted. We all have a role to play in making things right,” Kalaba said.

    The former minister said he would remain an ordinary Member of Parliament representing Bahati constituency in Luapula province in northern Zambia. He has represented the constituency in the National Assembly since September 2011.


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