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    Zuma: Unfazed wife snaps back at detractors

    APA-Johannesburg (South Africa)

    South African President Jacob Zuma's wife, Tobeka Madiba-Zuma has snapped back at her husband's detractors, warning that "all hell was about to break loose” as the clock ticks inexorably to the imminent end of his beleaguered presidency.

    The first lady, one of the four wives of Zuma, posted a photo of herself and her husband looking happy, seemingly inside a plane, from her Instagram account, and praising him.

    She called him by his clan names before warning that “all hell is about to break loose” as his African National Congress party leadership successor Cyril Ramaphosa continues to map out a smooth transition for Zuma to leave office as soon as possible.

    Zuma has expressed his desire to continue ruling the country until the end of his state presidential term in 2019.

     This, however, has not gone down well with both the opposition and his ANC party, thereby necessitating the current closed door talks to remove him from State House.

    First Lady Madiba-Zuma, however, who clearly supports her husband’s stance to remain in power until next year will have none of these antics to remove her from the stately home as well and cautioned against "picking a fight with someone who is not fighting you."

    Responding to comments on her photo posting from seemingly unhappy South Africans, Madiba-Zuma reiterated her warning about rough times ahead in the defence of her scandal-hit husband.

    "My darling husband did not join the ANC in 1991, jumped ship nor hip-hopped between the struggle and wealth accumulation,” she said.

    The jibe is in apparent reference to Cyril Ramaphosa’s absence from politics to run businesses where he made a fortune before returning to active politics five years ago, becoming Zuma’s successor.

    Ramaphosa has confirmed that he was in talks with Zuma about his future as the president of South Africa.


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