“From now on, outlets and social media users are restricted from covering or discussing Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam,” the Middle East Eye quoted the Council as saying on Friday .

The restriction is also applicable to other “sensitive” issues, such as the coronavirus, the conflicts in Libya and the Sinai Peninsula.

The Council warned that only information issued by official authorities could be reported, and legal measures would be taken against violators.

The Council further indicated that “the country is going through a dangerous and sensitive period.”

Ethiopia’s Ministry of Water recently said the most prominent technical disparities between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan over the GERD were resolved.

Beyond ensuring the optimal operation of the GERD, the negotiation requires prudence to safeguard the permanent right of Ethiopia over the Blue Nile, the ministry said.

However, Ethiopia is of the conviction that the three countries can conclude the negotiation on the guidelines and rules with an outcome that maximizes the benefit of the countries, it added.