She  was speaking at a discussion forum on homegrown economic reforms held  on Monday at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)  meeting hall on Monday.

She  said ECA will do all it can to help Ethiopia implement the reform which  the Ethiopian government said will transform the nation into the icon  of Africa by 2030. 

opening the forum,Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed said "the homegrown economic reform will enhance job creation, inclusive growth poverty reduction and create a pathway for prosperity for all.

He  said "the homegrown economic reform is close to my heart and I  believe it is our bridge to prosperity, enabling us to become a middle  income nation that ensures sustainable development."

In his opening remark, the Prime Minister recapped the key milestones achieved in shifting the economic landscape.

Towards  this aim, the Prime Minister called upon development partners to  continue strengthening their support, according to office of the Prime  Minister.