The term of office of MPs increases from four to five years, by their number will be reduced from 188 to 140, the forum proposed.

Meanwhile, the MPs will have departments as their constituency.

Participants at the forum have also called for the creation of an Economic and Financial Crimes Court (CRIEF) to try crimes of misappropriation of public funds and other proven acts of corruption.

They felt it necessary to strengthen the commercial courts, make them known and facilitate the specialization of magistrates to ensure fluidity and speed in litigation based on business law.

Finally, the participants recommended that the government grant an amnesty to Chadian dissidents in exile and those engaged in acts of rebellion, so as to allow them to return to the country, in the interest of achieving final peace in the country.

Closing the forum, the Chadian head of state, Idriss Déby Itno, declared that the forum dedicated to the birth of the New Republic resolutely turned towards the future and brings hope to the Chadian people.

“The foundation stone of the New Republic has been laid. Better still, the entire institutional system that should bring about the re-birth of the state has been studied in the minutiae and in all its subtleties.

“In terms of the shape of the state, my suggestion based on a federation or regionalization that stems from my project of society was not unanimously endorsed.

“I bow to the free and sovereign choice of forum participants, who opted for a highly decentralized unitary state.”

The head of state finally expressed his belief that the proposals made by the forum will bring meaningful change in Chad.