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DR Congo-Politics

A female president in DRC will change public management - Monique Mukuna

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

Ms. Monique Mukuna, the woman aspiring to be president in DR Congo has attempted to justify her decision to run for the presidency, saying a female leader will revolutionize the management of public affairs in her country.

She said her drive in politics is aimed at ending “dictatorship, wars and corruption” as vices that continue to plague her country more than fifty years after independence. “The Congolese are more than ready for new ideas, a new approach to politics in general,” she told an exclusive interview with APA. Although she stopped short of saying she was the only solution, Ms. Mukuna said a radical change was needed to right the wrongs in DR Congo. Recalling that many stereotypes are subsiding in the DRC and in Africa in general, Ms. Mukuna said she feels “strong in her femininity” which will bring a touch of humanity in the lives of the Congolese people. “A woman at the head of the country will change public affairs management: We will not have these unnecessary killings, this astonishing and shameful enrichment, leaders congregated in cartels and kidnappings, as well as wars that caused so many deaths in the east of the country,” she charged. Exuding confidence over her chances of upsetting the odds to become president, the 42—year-old said she was pleased with the resonance of her application among her compatriots “who are not swayed by the candidate’s gender but by his/her experience and expertise.” Insisting that with the Internet, young people and globalization are ushering the setting up of new bases, Ms. Mukuna argued that the resistance to remaining dictatorships in Africa is more strident. “The history of the DRC is being written, Congolese see opponents throughout their struggle, constantly switching sides, some of them subject to corruption,” she said, adding that “the DRC will be a beacon of change in Africa.” An economist by profession, Monique Mukuna officially announced, at a press conference in Paris, France her candidacy to run in the presidential election. Ms. Mukuna who has maintained her decision to boycott the national political dialogue convened by President Joseph Kabila, under the auspices of the African Union, said that “this dialogue in its current form, in no way responds to the expectations of the people who feel frustrated.”


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