Boko Haram use of drones worries Cameroon

APA-Douala (Cameroon)

The use of drones by the Nigerian terrorist group Boko Haram has aroused concerns in Cameroon, where authorities fear an increase in the number of terrorist victims in the Far-North region, security sources told APA on Tuesday.

According to a source close to the ministry of Defence (MINDEF), the use of drones by the faction of Al Barnaoui, one of the two sections of Boko Haram, is a "source of concern".

The source confirmed the use of such devices by this branch of Boko Haram, for the very first time in late August in the Nigerian State of Borno, near the Allagarno forest, one of the strongholds of the extremists.

The first drone, which overflew a position of the Nigerian army, was shot down. However, it " can give ideas to Shekau Aboubakar whose followers have intensified efforts in Nigeria and Cameroon, and do resort to this strategy in order to further wreak havoc in Cameroon," according to the ministry of Defence reports.

More than 100 civilians were reported killed between May and August, while 56 victims were reported between January and April 2017.


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