Cameroonians take eSwatini police to court over detained passports

APA-Mbabane (eSwatini)

Three female Cameroonian tourists have taken the government of eSwatini to court after they were detained by the eSwatini police on suspicion that they were sex workers.

The trio of Akwo Sonia Bih, Ida Mua Ndasi Doh and Estelle Membe Sakwe filed an urgent application seeking an order directing the Ministry of Home Affairs and the National Commissioner of Police to release their passports which were seized during the detention.

The police pounced on three upon their arrival at the King Mswati III International Airport, claiming to had received a tip off that they were sex workers and that someone from Cameroon would come to fetch and assist them to escape into neighbouring South Africa for purposes of being sex workers.

They had their passports taken away from them upon arrival at the airport.

Through their lawyers, the trio argued in court on Thursday that their passports were legitimate and that there was never an issue that should deny them entry into eSwatini, but rather a theory which was baseless and without merit.

The trial continues on Friday.


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