Chad: Police colonel gets 10-year imprisonment

APA-N’Djamena (Chad)

Chadian police colonel Ahmat Senoussi Ochi, who was prosecuted for kidnapping, torture and deliberate personal injury was sentenced on Friday to ten years in prison and plus a CFAF500,000 fine.

The ruling concerns two accomplices of the police officer who also received ten years in prison and the same fine. The judge also pronounced the removal of the officer of the National Police of Chad.

Colonel Ochi and his accomplices were arrested in early January 2019 for torturing the young Oumar Hissein accused of theft. The victim was accused of stealing furniture belonging to the police colonel. Despite the ill-treatment, Oumar Hissein continued to claim his innoncence.

A clip show Hissein being tortured went viral. After a probe, the court found the police officer took part in the torture despite denying being present when the deceased Oumar Hissein was tortured.


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