Congo: Ten thousand hectares to be reforested

APA - Brazzaville (Congo)

Congo, in partnership with the Batekes Brazzaville Forest Planting Society (SPF2B) plans to reforest more than 10,000 hectares across the country over the next ten years in an attempt to curb deforestation and the degradation of natural forests, APA learns.

The agreement to this regard was signed Thursday evening in Brazzaville by the minister of Forestry, Rosalie Matondo and the Director General of SPF2B, Bernard Cassagne, under the oversight of Prime Minister Clement Mouamba.

The project implementation sites are located about 95 km North of Brazzaville in the localities of Inga (1842 hectares), Oka (5331 ha) and Ibina (3309 ha), according to the document.

Through this project, the SPF2B, specialized in forest and agro-forestry plantations on the Bateke areas, North of the Congolese capital, has, according to its director, a substitute for charcoal resulting from forest deforestation to supply the market with.

"The planted forest produces twenty to forty times more wood than a natural tropical forest. It takes up less space, is easier to manage and operating costs are lower,” he said.

“This project is a case of point about Congo's commitment at the highest level of the state to achieve sustainable forest management and is one of the responses to forest degradation and deforestation,” Prime Minister, Clement Mouamba pointed out, reaffirming the support of the government in the implementation of this project through the National Reforestation Program (PRONAR).

The funding needed for the implementation of this project, which will generate about five hundred direct jobs, will be sought by SPF2B, as the government will have to facilitate access to improved plant available in the country.


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