DR Congo: Ex-Tshisekedi aide's trial postponed

APA - Kinshasa (RD Congo)

The Gombe High Court in DR Congo on Monday deferred to May 25, the trial of Vital Kamerhem, a former personal aide to President Felix Tshisekedi.

His corruption case was heard at the court in Kinshasa.

The postponement of the hearings to continue the instructions was requested by lawyers for Mr. Kamerhe, a former Principal Private Secretary to President Tshisekedi. 

Vital Kamarhe’s lawyers want to make sure that they fully understand the case before proceeding with his defense.

Kamerhe has been in pre-trial detention at the Makala prison since April 8, for the alleged embezzlement of more than $ 50 million in funds intended for the so-called Hundred Days Program.

He appeared at the same time as Lebanese businessman Jammal Samih and the head of the import-export service at the Rwandan presidency, Jeannot Muhima Ndoole.


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