Ethiopia reaffirms position to UNSC on hydro power dam

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia)

Ethiopia has restated its position on its Grand Renaissance Dam through a letter it addressed to the United Nations Security Council, reports said on Tuesday.

The confirmation came after Egypt called the UNSC for the second time to intervene in the trilateral negotiations on GERD.

In its letter to the UNSC on Tuesday, Ethiopia reiterated that the Grand Renaissance Dam is not a threat to peace and security.

Ethiopia expressed concern over Egypt’s second request to the UNSC after breaking down the trilateral talks on the dam.

Ethiopian Foreign Minister Gedu Andargachew, through his letter to the security council, reaffirmed that the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam will not cause any harm to downstream countries and pose peace and security threats.

Egypt’s steps are aimed to pose political and diplomatic pressures on Ethiopia, Gedu reiterated through the letter.

It is unfair to consider colonial era agreements on Nile River which excluded Ethiopia as a point of negotiations, Gedu said.

Gedu noted, through a letter, that the current negotiations are based on the filling of reservoirs of the dam, not water sharing issues.

Ethiopia reaffirmed its commitment to continue dialogue based on fair and reasonable use of the Nile Waters and complete the dam without causing any harm to the downstream countries.

It is up to Egypt which has been intimidating Ethiopia to claim responsibility on potential peace and security threats regarding the construction of the dam, Ethiopia briefed the United Nations Security Council.


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