Guinea-Bissau police seizes record 1869 kg of cocaine

APA - Dakar (Senegal)

The anti-drug unit of the Guinea-Bissau Criminal Police seized a record 1,869 kg of cocaine on Monday, in a two-stage operation carried out in the same city of Canchungo, in the north of the country.

By Nouha Mancaly 

264 kg of drugs were seized in the afternoon and 1605 kg in the evening.

Three Colombians, one Malian and four Bissau-Guineans were arrested during the operation, dubbed “Navarra.”


The drug was hidden in the false wall of the private residence of a Bissau-Guinean who allegedly escaped the police. 

However, the judicial police went after the suspected trafficker who reportedly smuggled the drug into Guinea-Bissau two weeks ago by sea.


Five varieties of drugs were found in the seizure. 

According to the police, each kilogram can cost 17,500 Euros on the market (more than CFA11 million).


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