Higher education: Mauritania lifts restriction on varsity registration

APA - Nouakchott (Mauritania)

The Mauritanian government has lifted restrictions imposed on universities for the registration of students, which triggered protests and a crackdown by the police.

By Mohamed Moctar

Accordingly, the Ministerial Committee on the Educational System Review, decided at a meeting held on Wednesday in Nouakchott and led by the Prime Minister, Ismail Bedda Sheikh Sidiya, to open registration for all ages.

Hundreds of high school graduates were denied enrollment in higher education for having turned over 25 years, which was recently set as the maximum age limit.

This limitation triggered daily demonstrations in front of the Mauritanian Ministry of Higher Education, located in the heart of Nouakchott.

The protests were violently charged down by baton-wielding police, leaving several demonstrators wounded.

The police crackdown, like the moratorium, was strongly condemned by the parents of students, rights organizations, opinion leaders, the opposition and even MPs of the ruling majority.  


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