Congo- IMF-Visit

IMF mission visiting Brazzaville

APA-Brazzaville (Congo)

An International Monetary Fund (IMF) technical assistance mission has been visiting Brazzaville since Monday to strengthen the technical mechanisms for preparing Congo’s macroeconomic and fiscal forecasts, APA learned on Tuesday from the Congolese Ministry of Finance.

The mission, which will be in Congo until October 12, is supervised by the Macro-Budget Management Advisor at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Regional Technical Assistance Centre-Afritac Centre (based in Gabon), Séverin Yves Kamgna.

The Communication Department of the Ministry of Finance, quoted Séverin Yves Kamgna as saying “this mission follows on from the April 2018 mission on strengthening macroeconomic analysis and will provide an opportunity to strengthen national managers’ ownership of the macroeconomic framework.”

The supervisor of the IMF mission said: “I will work in a small workshop, with the technical team (ad hoc technical committee) in charge of developing the macro-budgetary framework”.

Kamgna added: “During these two weeks, we will mainly develop an action plan 2019-2022 integrating the activities to be carried out for the revision and deepening of the Mac-Congo model as well as to strengthen macroeconomic and fiscal analysis and forecasting”.

He said: “The macroeconomic situation in Congo requires a medium-term business plan”, adding that “participants will focus on the capacity building needs of managers to ensure their autonomy in using the model”.

The arrival of the so-called Afritac technical assistance mission to Congo is a strong signal for the country, which is still waiting for the executive board of the IMF to approve a three-year program to address the crisis which began in 2014.


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