Let’s be sympathetic to Zimbabweans – Namibian minister to compatriots

APA-Windhoek (Namibia)

Home Affairs and Immigration Minister Frans Kapafi has on Thursday appealed to Namibians to be lenient to Zimbabweans who sought refuge in the country due to political and economic back home.

“We are saying people are here and they must be treated humanely and not just being harassed all over the place,” Kapofi said, in reference to sentiments that the Zimbabweans nationals are taking up jobs to the detriment of of Namibians.

Minister Kapofi made the call after a lengthy closed-door meeting with a higher-powered delegation from Zimbabwean led by delegation from Zim A delegation from Zimbabwe led by its Minister for Home Affairs Cain Mathema.

The group consist of the Zimbabwean Commissioner General of the Police, Gorlden Matanga and the country's ambassador to Namibia, Rofina Ndakaziva Chikava.

“The meeting was just to continue to support Zimbabwe and to look after the Zimbabweans who are here, given the situation in their country that we should look at them leniently and we are content with that. We are willing to do that,” Kapofi told media after the meeting in Windhoek.


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