Middle-income Botswana mulls high-income status

APA-Gaborone (Botswana)

Botswana’s Finance Minister, Kenneth Matambo on Monday revealed that the country is taking steps to transform its economy from a middle-income status to a high-income country.

Delivering the national budget speech, Matambo said “in accordance with the country’s Vision 2036, Botswana aspires to transform to a high-income country during the twenty (20) years of the Vision.”

The 2036 national vision was launched in 2016 with the aim of ‘achieving prosperity for all.’

Matambo said Botswana has registered impressive development since independence in 1966, culminating in the country graduating to upper-middle-income status in 2004.

He said achieving the status of a high-income country will require Botswana to consolidate gains achieved in its economic management and address the challenges hindering further economic transformation.

“The transformation of the country from upper middle-income to high-income status, as envisioned in Vision 2036, would be achieved through the consolidation of our development gains, and continuous reform of our policies and streamlining our processes to encourage innovative approaches to addressing challenges of service delivery throughout the country,” he said.



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