Morocco creates communication hub to combat Covid-19

APA-Rabat (Morocco)

A communication platform between citizens and law enforcement agencies has been launched by the General Directorate of National Security (DGSN) in Morocco with the aim of reporting behaviours and facts that go against the state of health emergency, in force in the kingdom since March 20.

This platform is part of the DGSN’s efforts to set up interactive mechanisms aimed at establishing instant communication with citizens and involving Internet users in the national drive to stem the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic.

 Designed and programmed by DGSN experts and engineers, the platform is based on the automated collection of data provided by citizens on cases of transgression and transmits them instantaneously and 24 hours a day to the control and coordination rooms, which in turn use them to direct the patrols and units in the field responsible for ensuring the application of the lockdown in Morocco.

In line with the security and transparency criteria used to monitor the exceptional movement of citizens, particular attention has been paid to the protection and respect of users’ personal data in the portal.

The launch of the platform follows the positive results achieved by the use of the application for monitoring the exceptional movement of citizens, which relies on the serious and positive collaboration of Internet users with the security services.



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