Rwanda: 40 people arrested for hosting party amid COVID-19 shutdown

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

At least 40 people were arrested for hosting different house parties in Kigali despite Coronavirus social distancing requirements, Police said Friday.

Rwanda  National Police spokesperson, Commissioner John Bosco Kabera said Police  said all those arrested include bar owners and their clients who have  hosted friends for different noisy party and celebrations in spite of  restrictions on gatherings.

Some of the  arrested shop owners had rooms inside where they would hide their  customers before serving them alcohol, the Police said.

In  a related development Rwanda Police has also arrested five people who  abuse toll-free emergency lines, especially 114 and 112, thus  obstructing and affecting those in need of emergency services related to  coronavirus.

“Some disruptive calls are made  by children using their parents’ phones. Others are drunk people, who  just call and don’t speak at all and those who call just to abuse  people. These are unlawful actions, punishable by law,” Commissioner of  Police Kabera said.

Reports by health officials  indicate that Rwanda recorded one new coronavirus case as of Thursday  bringing the total number to 154 cases. 

The  number of recovered patients continued to increase with three new  recoveries on Thursday which brought the total of those that have fullly  recovered and discharged from the treatment facilities to 87, it said.


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