Rwanda reeling from natural disasters since turn of year

APA - Kigali (Rwanda)

Natural disasters have caused great loss of life and property across Rwanda between January and April this year leaving 140 dead and 225 injured, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management.

A report released by the ministry on Wednesday indicate that a series of disasters have destroyed at least 3,117 hectares of crops, 124 roads and 64 bridges disrupting economic activities across the country.

The disasters which include floods, thunder, landslides, storm and others continue to claim lives and pose adverse effects on the economy.

Over 3,082 houses have been damaged during this period, leaving thousands of families displaced.

The ministry says 3,227 domestic animals died of disasters including 60 cows.

At least 36 classrooms, one health center, 12 churches, 10 administrative houses, 13 water supply infrastructures that disrupted water supply in some areas and one market were damaged by disasters.

The extreme weather events also destroyed 61 electricity infrastructure affecting temporary energy supply in some areas of the country, it said.

The estimated yearly loss for the Rwandan economy has been put at $43 million due to combined floods and drought alone according to the country’s disaster profile.

Extreme weather costs 10 percent of the national budget, reports said.


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