Rwanda still awaits explanations from Burundi over recent armed attack

APA- Kigali (Rwanda)

Rwanda's diplomatic officials are still waiting for explanations from authorities in Bujumbura and immediate action to apprehend a group of armed elements who attacked a village in the Southern Province district of Nyaruguru last month, a diplomatic source said Sunday.

The diplomatic correspondence by officials in Kigali  comes after  a group of armed men from Burundi attacked on Saturday,  June 27  a village in Nyaruguru District, leaving three Rwanda soldiers  with minor injuries, while four militias were killed.

Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) said it repulsed the group of armed assailants where by four of the attackers were killed.

Following  the attack, Rwandan Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation has  officially written to the Burundian government through diplomatic  channels seeking explanations and calling for the arrest of the armed  group.

"The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International  Cooperation of the Republic of Rwanda wrote to the Ministry of Foreign  Affairs of the Republic of Burundi requesting for an explanation  regarding the attack by unidentified attackers from Burundi and urged  the Government of Burundi to take all necessary measures so that those  guilty of that criminal act, who withdrew to Burundi, be quickly  arrested and brought to justice or extradited to Rwanda so they can  answer for their actions,” the statement said.

Although Burundian  army, National Defense Force of Burundi (FDNB) issued a separate  statement seemingly denying the attacks, the government in Bujumbura is  yet to respond to their Rwandan counterparts using official channels, it  said.

Although the Burundian authorities have been  accusing  Rwanda of cross border aggression, officials in Kigali say Bujumbura was  likely laying a diversionary game because the real issue is, there were  attacks against Rwanda in the past month around Nyungwe forest  (South)and those attacks were coming from Burundi.


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